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We are a constant fight between the emotional half and the sensible half. Our left brain vs. our right brain. The emotional half may dream big but it is the sensible half that defines the path to reach there. The logical half lets us ‘do’.

At Sintex, we use our thinking to design products that lets the world live a practical life. Our left brain works overtime to create products that are simplified, low on maintenance and long-lasting. When the world uses Sintex, it works. For life.

Our products are designed to deliver simplicity. We put substance before style. It is the most sensible thing to do. Derived very much from the same half of our mind that tells us to think twice before anything. To not let emotion come in the way of a perfect solution. We make sense. Because the world needs more of it.

Sintex. We make sense.


Triple - Layer Water Tank

Brighter, Stronger, Virgin plastic which is FDA approved with Triple-layer body, 100% UV stabilised & Rustproof. Also includes Algae formation protection with Maintenance-free Multilayer & Aesthetic design.

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A multilayer tank with white outer layer with 100% UV stabilised white outer layer & Most modern design. Made with 100% virgin material for Extra packing for product safety.Created with Food Grade material (FDA), for hygienic water storage.

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