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Innovations for a better tomorrow

Sintex today has reached a stage where every idea and the following action are a result of an extensive exercise from ideation to execution. Thus evolves an innovation at Sintex.

Plastics have moulded the modern world and transformed the quality of life. There is no human activity where plastics do not play a key role. With a host of unmatched and superior properties combined with energy
efficient, green and clean processing it has made a large share of materials that mankind needs.

Sintex has pioneered and taken lead in many meaningful innovations using plastics in a proper way while synergizing them with other useful materials and processes.

Sintex has successfully created many products for CSR activities in vital domains such as sanitation, social infra, environment, water storage, healthcare& similar social issues.

Sintex manufactures over 3,500 types of plastics & related products of various shapes using 15 different processes in Kalol (Gujarat), India. More over it has strategically located 7 other manufacturing facilities, 14 branch offices, over 1000 distributors/dealers and more than 20,000 retailers.

Over the period, Sintex has evolved into projects and solution provider company from a plastics products company. Considering the fact that up to some extent it also offers services, Sintex can be called as a company that offers end-to-end solutions. Sintex remains ahead of time, well almost. Its corporate history clearly suggests that Sintex thinks before others and comes up with innovative ideas and solutions. At Sintex, we are always thinking of the kind of scenario that will prevail in years to come.

Some would call it foresight. We call it active thinking.


Useful CSR products

  • Sanitation Solutions
    • Nirmal Toilets
    • Protolet Portable Toilets and urinal
    • School Toilet Blocks
    • Septic Tanks
    • Advance Septic Tanks



Triple - Layer Water Tank

Brighter, Stronger, Virgin plastic which is FDA approved with Triple-layer body, 100% UV stabilised & Rustproof. Also includes Algae formation protection with Maintenance-free Multilayer & Aesthetic design.

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A multilayer tank with white outer layer with 100% UV stabilised white outer layer & Most modern design. Made with 100% virgin material for Extra packing for product safety.Created with Food Grade material (FDA), for hygienic water storage.

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